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Egypt Announces Tight Security for Morsi Trial
November 1, 2013

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The Egyptian government has announced that a very large police presence will be in place for the trial of former President Mohammed Morsi.

Up to 20,000 soldiers and police officers will be on hand when Morsi's trial begins, on November 4, the Interior Ministry said, in response to a public call from the Muslim Brotherhood for mass demonstrations. Morsi, still out of site at a hidden location since his July 3 removal from power, stands accused of inciting violence and murder in connection with a deadly confrontation near the presidential palace in December.

The trial will take place in a police building near Torah prison, in southern Cairo. Whether Morsi will appear in court has not been disclosed. Security forces will be deployed from November 2, the government said.

Morsi's trial will no doubt be the most high-profile prosecution in the next few weeks. Already, the interim government has arrested nearly 2,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in a widespread crackdown on the group and its leaders.

Meanwhile, works continues on a new draft constitution, with elections for parliament and president expected to take place early next year.

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