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Morsi Under Guard as New President Sworn in
July 4, 2013

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Adly Mansour is now the President of Egypt, having been elevated from his position as chief judge of the Supreme Constitutional Court. Mansour replaced Mohamed Morsi, who remains in police custody after the military removed him from power.

Government security officials continued their detention of high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood officials, including the top two members of the political organization, Mohammed Badie and Khairat el-Shater. Badie and Shater are wanted in connection with a violent protest in Cairo that resulted in the deaths of eight people, security officials said. Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members had been detained already by police and security forces.

Morsi remained at an undisclosed location, his presidency at an end and his communication privileges revoked. He had been President for a year and two days before the country's military leaders, including army chief General Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, removed him from power.

Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr insisted that no military coup had taken place, however. Reaction from other countries was mixed, with some world leaders branding the military's actions a coup and other world leaders refraining from using the word. By international convention, many countries will cut off aid and impose sanctions on countries whose leaders serve as a result of a violent military overthrow.

Mansour, meanwhile, took the oath of office and will be the country's interim leader until a new constitution has been ratified and a new set of lawmakers had been elected. No timelines have been announced.

The Brotherhood, which had earlier staged a large, peaceful protest near Cairo University, vowed to boycott the new political process.

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