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Morsi, Top Judges Meet Amid Judicial Crisis
April 22, 2013

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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has been in emergency session with his country's top judges, after the justice minister resigned in protest of a proposal for judicial realignment.

Ahmed Mekky, appointed in August, said he took grave issue with a Muslim Brotherhood proposal that would reduce the judicial mandatory retirement age to 60 and that any judges appointed during the reign of former President Hosni Mubarak be forced to resign. Opposition leaders said that if the proposal were approved, it would mean the resignation of more than 3,000 judges, including most members of the Constitutional Court and other top courts.

Supporters of the proposal said they were aiming to reduce impediments to much of what Morsi has tried to achieve since becoming the first freely elected President in decades. Many of Morsi's proposed actions have been held up or nullified by Egypt's top judges, the vast majority of which were appointed by Mubarak. The Constitutional Court also nullified the election of the lower house of Parliament. A new election to fill that house has still not been held. In order to counter this, Morsi issued several pronouncements earlier this year that alarmed many people on both sides of the political debate.

In the emergency session, Morsi met with the Supreme Judicial Council and Prosecutor General Talaat Ibrahim.

Mekky vowed to stay on until a replacement was named, as part of a planned Cabinet reshuffle by Morsi in the next few weeks.

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