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Morsi Urges Respect for High Court Decision
July 12, 2012

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Egypt's president, Mohammed Morsi, has said that he will respect the rule of law in his country, and that a high court decision affirming the dissolution of Parliament must be recognized.

In an attempt to jump-start lawmaking processes that had lain dormant, Morsi issued a decree calling for Parliament to get on with their work, despite a previous decree by the ruling generals dissolving Parliament altogether. The ruling by the Supreme Constitutional Court solidified the court's earlier decision invalidating the elections of one-third of the MPs because they had represented political parties when they should have run as independents.

Despite all of that, many MPs responded to Morsi's decree by reporting for work, and Parliament had enough MPs to sit in session, which they did, for all of an hour before dispersing. After that, several hundred people gathered for a demonstration in front of the high court building Cairo. Riot police were on hand, but the demonstration ended peacefully.

Morsi, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to meet with Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, urged Egyptians to accept the high court's ruling and move forward. Morsi promised to continue to find a peaceful and legal solution to the country's current legislative difficulties. Among his recent proposals was setting a date for early elections to replace the MPs whose election had been ruled invalid.

The high court has yet to rule on a large handful of other challenges to recent rulings and decrees, including the ruling generals' announcement that they would be choosing the members of the assembly tasked with writing the country's new constitution.



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