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New Dominoes Record Set

November 18, 2004

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A team of people in the Netherlands has set a new world record for the number of dominoes downed at one time. In a stunning piece of design and achievement, the group, led by a man known only as "Mr. Domino," toppled a group of dominoes that numbered nearly 4 million.

The previous world record, owned by the same group of people, was 3,847,295. The new record is 3,992,397.

The group spent more than a year designing the course and more than 60 days in setting up all the dominoes. They all fell in just 90 minutes.

In a dizzying display captured on live television, the dominoes spiraled outward, ran under domino-made bridges, spelled out words, formed pictures, and otherwise thrilled the crowd that had gathered to see the record-setting performance.

It all took place in the Ducth town of Leeuwarden. A celebrity was on hand to start the chain reaction. International recording star Shania Twain did the honors.

The world record for the most dominoes set up and felled by a single person is 303,621, set by China's Ma Lihua last year in Singapore.

Graphics courtesy of ClipArt.com

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