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Egypt and Africa

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The 2011 Governmental Protests
Find out more about the massive protests against President's Hosni Mubarak's government in 2011.

Massive African Statue Celebrates Independence
The capital of Senegal was the scene of a gathering of many heads of state, to attend the unveiling of a giant statue to honor the 50th anniversary of the country's independence from France. The city was also a hotbed of protest, as thousands of people marched in protest to the statue and to its sponsorship by President Abdoulaye Wade.

Massive Pharaoh Head Found
The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities has announced a giant-sized find: a massive red granite rendering of the head of Amenhotep III.

DNA Tests Prove King Tut Not Murdered
A new study released by Egypt's top archaeologists (including international celebrity Zahi Hawass of the Supreme Council of Antiquities) confirms that Tutankhamen, the famed "boy king" who ruled young and died young (at age 19), had a club foot and Kohler's disease, a condition that makes it difficult for blood to get to the bones in the foot.

Pyramids Not Built by Slaves, New Evidence Suggests
From Herodotus to Hollywood – that's the long history of the story of how slaves built the great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. Yet newly uncovered evidence suggests even more strongly than ever before that the story of slaves' building the Pyramids is indeed a myth.

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