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Test to Determine Sports Prowess?
Can $149 determine a child's athletic future? Some parents think so. Atlas Sports Genetics, a company out of Boulder, Colo., is offering a DNA test that could possibly point to a handful of genetic codes in children that could possibly determine how successful children will be in particular sports.

Astronaut's Diary Survives Explosion
Even though none of the astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Columbia survived the explosion on Feb. 1, 2003, several pieces of paper did. Those pieces of paper are pages from the diary of Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut, who was aboard Columbia when it disintegrated on re-entry.

Plane Wreckage Found for Adventurer Fossett
Search crews have confirmed finding the wreckage of the plane that millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett was last known to have been flying when he disappeared in September 2007.

COOL Food Standards
Labels of food sold in American markets now have to include the country from which the food came. This is called Country-of-Origin Labelling (COOL).

'Jet Man' Zooms Across English Channel
In just 13 minutes last week, Yves Rossy flew his way into history, under his own power. The Swiss aviator crossed the 22 miles of the English Channel on Sept. 26 with nothing powering him but his own jet-powered device. He wore a flight suit and helmet, of course, for safety reasons. To steer, he moved his head and back.

U.S. Penny Gets Redesign
For the first time in 50 years, the American one-cent coin will change. Beginning in 2009, the penny will get a makeover, resulting in four different designs for the back of the coin.

The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
The presidential election process has begun, with primaries and caucuses beginning to occur across the United States.

Who are the candidates of the major political parties? This article tells you.

How does the primary and caucus process work? This article tells you.

How about an overview of the entire thing, including the general election? Click here.

And just what is that fussy old Electoral College thing anyway? Click here to find out.

Search Resumes for Adventurer Fossett

The search is back on for Steve Fossett, whose solo flight over western Nevada on Labor Day weekend in 2007 ended with the celebrated adventurer missing and eventually declared dead.

Classrooms Turning on to Clickers
Modern technology is influencing the classrooms of America in exciting new ways. One of those is the use of the clicker.

Resistance Growing to Great Firewall
The Chinese government is running a large censorship program designed to keep knowledge of many things from the rest of the world out of the eyesight and brains of the Chinese people. But many people are speaking out, online and in the real world.

Fish Delivers Letter 15 Years Later
A girl's letter tucked into a red balloon and sent skyward 15 years ago has turned up in the hands of a fisherman, who found it attached to a fish 1500 kilometers away.

NY Requires Calorie Counts for Fast Food
One of the largest cities in the United States, New York, is now requiring its chain restaurants to include calorie counts of foods on menus.

Fortune Cookies Come from Japan?
That's what one researcher says, and she has lots of data to back up her claim.

Check out the checkered history of the Fortune Cookie and find out just how much Chinese culture is in those fun little goodies.

China Bans Flimsy Plastic Bags
China, the world's most populous country, has banned free plastic shopping bags from its stores, in an effort to cut down on the pollution caused by literally millions of bags dotting the landscape.

School Requires Etiquette Classes
Fearing a loss in basic social skills, a school in England is requiring its students to take etiquette classes.

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