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School Milk to Come in Bottles

December 29, 2004

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Say goodbye to milk cartons in many American schools. The clunky cardboard containers will be replaced by flashier plastic bottles soon.

A recent study concluded that schoolchildren drank more milk when it came in plastic bottles. For one thing, a plastic bottle fits easily in one hand, even a small hand. A square milk carton sometimes requires two hands, meaning that it doesn't get as much attention as the food a student is eating and is sometimes left behind, undrunk. Plastic bottles are also easier to open, with their handy twist caps, than their cardboard carton counterparts.

As a result, already 1,250 schools across America have started serving milk in little round bottles. And the secret surprise is that the servings are actually larger: Plastic bottles have 10 ounces of milk in them, compared to the eight-ounce servings found in cartons.

Fast-food vendors Wendy's and McDonald's started serving milk in plastic bottles earlier in 2004 and reported great gains in milk sales. School lunch program officials across America hope that they see a similar increase in consumption. Schools that have made the switch are already reporting the need to buy more milk.

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