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Students registering for high school in Everett, Wash., this year have had the option to sign up for their classes online, in a program that has gathered attention from education professionals across the country.

It's actually the third year for the program, but four schools in the city still use it and it is still proving popular. In particular, students enjoy the ability to sign up whenever they want. This year, one student signed up while she was on vacation with her family—in Australia.

The schools also provided some computer lab access for students whose families did not own computers.

Of course, as with other events, registering for classes online can have its perils: overloaded Web servers. Some students this year have had to settle for classes or class times that were not their first or second choices because they didn't sign on to the registration server on time, or because the site wasn't available until those classes or class times had already filled. Such is life in the age of the Internet.

Still, school officials have not indicated that they will end the program anytime soon. It does save on overhead in a way and makes for easier compilation of student class schedule data, which eventually makes its way into computerized spreadsheets anyway.

The schools have also found useful a computer program to catalog and report student grades. The program was written by one of the school system's employees and has found success across the country and overseas.

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