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December 5, 2016

It's Computer Science Education Week, time for the Hour of Code.

This year, youngsters in more than 180 countries will take part in a worldwide drive to encourage more people to get interested in computer science, by delving into writing computer code. Across the world, the website has registered more than 117,000 Hour of Code events; that number is expected to grow as the week progresses. (Computer Science Education Week runs December 5–11 and is in honor of Admiral Grace Hopper, a computing pioneer.)

The idea of the Hour of Code is to set aside an hour during the week to learn how to write computer code. The Seattle-based nonprofit launched the project in 2013, primarily for students and teachers; projects are not confined to schools, however.

The website has many, many free tutorials and projects, in 45 languages, to challenge students with topics on many areas of interest.

The computing world's commercial giants have gotten into the act as well. Apple stores will feature workshops all week, and Google is offering virtual field trips.

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