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Outlook for College Grads Slightly Better, Survey Says
November 19, 2011

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A recent survey predicts that hiring of college graduates will improve in 2012. That would be welcome news to many who have struggled to transfer their education into a working salary in the past 12 months.

The survey, released by the College Employment Research Institute, found that a large number of the 4,200 job recruiters consulted were anticipating more jobs available to recent grads; in fact, the overall prospect was seen to be a 7-percent increase over what 2011 graduates confronted.

As has been the case for the past decade or so, computer science graduates are expected to be in high demand, as are students achieving diplomas in accounting, engineering, and finance. In addition, the survey reported a resurgent interest in hiring by employers in agriculture, health, marketing, and the sciences.

The survey found little expectation of markedly higher salaries, and the survey's report also warned that even though the forecast was for a higher number of jobs than the year before, the current global difficulties had created a much lower overall market.

College graduates especially have struggled since the global recession hit in 2008, as jobs have dried up and salaries have gone down, even as education costs have remained the same or, in most cases, gone up.



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