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Sweet: Belgium to Unveil Chocolate Stamps
February 12, 2013

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Stamps in Belgium will soon be sweet, chocolate-sweet.

Bpost, the Belgian postal service, will issue a limited run of chocolate-themed stamps, beginning March 25. The series will include five different designs, including nutella and chocolate sprinkles.

Using, among other things, scratch-and-sniff technology, a team of bakers from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland developed a special paper that smells like chocolate and an adhesive backing that tastes like chocolate.

Bpost said it would issue the 500,000 stamps with the overseas market in mind. Each five-stamp series will cost 6.20 euros (US$8.33).

Non-Belgians can inquire about buying the stamps by emailing

Click here to see how the chocolate stamps were made:


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