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China to Build World's Tallest Building in 90 Days
November 26, 2012

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A Chinese company is planning to build the world's tallest skyscraper, in only three months.

Broad Sustainable Building Corporation, perhaps most well-known for its enormously popular YouTube video showing time-lapse construction of a 15-story hotel in less than a week, has announced plans to erect a 2,749-foot-tall skyscraper in just 90 days.

Construction begins on January on the building, which, when completed, will be 32 feet taller than the current height-holder, the Burf Khalifa. The new building, to be called Sky City, will be in the city of Changsha, in Hunan province, in the southeastern part of China.

Planned for the inside of the building are a hospital, a school, 17 helipads, and enough apartments to house 30,000 people.

Broad says the building will be able to withstand a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, mainly because the floors have slightly lower levels of concrete and the support beams have slightly less steel than other tall buildings, while still within safety standards.

The company was previously most well-known for its air conditioning manufacturing business. However, it has gained more recognition in the past few years for its tall buildings and how quickly they were erected. In addition to the 15-story hotel that was the star of YouTube, Broad has built a 30-story tower in just 15 days. The key is prefab construction, in which large parts of the building are built in factories beforehand and then slotted into place and perfected during the on-site construction.



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