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Chinese PM Vows Cleanup of Environment, Government
March 17, 2013

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New Chinese Prime Minister Li Kejiang has promised to clean up China in more ways than one.

Li, speaking on the last day of the legislative session that installed the government's new leaders, vowed to reform the government and the society, addressing concerns about the environment, health care, and immigration.

Li said the government, which is led by President Xi Jinping, would take urgent steps to address the country's high level of pollution.

Among the strategies were the cessation of building new government buildings and a reduction in spending on overseas travel. Further, Li spoke of a reduction in the government's workforce, in an effort to combat rising costs of social welfare, and of new initiatives to assist the thousands of rural Chinese who move to cities in search of a better life.

President Xi took over recently, after being named the new leader of the Communist Party and the Government at the Party conference in November 2012. The two leaders have vowed to crack down on corruption as well.

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