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D.C. Memorials to Get Bikeshare Stations
March 4, 2012

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The National Mall will soon have five more bicycle-sharing stations, at tourist-heavy spots.

The move is an expansion of Capital Bikeshare, a venture run by Arlington, Va., and the District of Columbia.

The new stations will be near major tourist destinations, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Institute Metro station, and an area between the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Four of the five new stations will have 23 bicycles for tourists to share. The Lincoln Memorial station will have 25 bikes.

The Capital Bikeshare program features more than 1,200 bicycles to be used from any of 140 stations across the Washington, D.C.-Arlington, Va. area, which has an extensive network of on-street bike lanes, off-road trails, and dedicated bicycle areas.

Riders can pick up a bike at any station and return it at any station. Memberships are available, with an annual membership costing $75 and a monthly fee running $25.

The bicycles, which are all red, are stored in locked docks. Riders who pay a monthly or annual fee get a key for unlocking the bike from the dock. Daily users can use a credit card and pay $7. A three-day fee of $15 is also available.

Riders looking for very short-term rides will find that the first 30 minutes of any bike ride are free. Each half hour after that costs an additional fee. A 90-minute ride, for example, costs just $4.50.



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