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Calorie Count Mandate Extends to Movies, Pizza, Chain Restaurants

November 25, 2014

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From 2015, calorie counts will be on display at chain restaurants, pizza providers, and movie theaters around America. 

The rules, announced by the Food and Drug Administration, apply to chains made up of 20 or more restaurants. Chains applies to both fast food outlets and sit-down restaurants.

Significantly, the rules apply to both food and alchoholic beverages. Calorie counts for all menu items in both categories must be displayed. This applies to both printed menus and posted menu boards.

The rules also apply to food sold in amusement parks and vending machines and even to some prepared foods sold in grocery stores.

Some chains already list calorie counts on their menus. Others, particularly pizza outlets, have fought the rules, and some have vowed fresh challenges.

Such menu labelling is nothing new for New York, which implemented similar requirements in 2008. Dozens of other cities and states have followed suit in the years since, especially since menu law became federal law undere the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010.

The FDA published the rules in the Federal Register.

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