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Peddle Your Way to a Free Meal
April 19, 2010

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Talk about working for your supper!

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, a high-rise in the area surrounding the capital of Denmark, is offering its guests an offer that is intended to make them sweat – literally.

Look closely and you'll see two exercise bicycles that are hooked up to generators. Peddle the bikes and you'll feed power into the attached generator. That power will go into the hotel's power grid. Voila! You're providing power from your athletic efforts.

It's definitely an attempt to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint. And the reward should be enough to get many people on the bikes: Generate 10 watt hours of electricity from your time on the bike, and the hotel will pay for you to eat any main course on the hotel's restaurant menu. (That's about a $50 reward!)

Just to make it more competitive, the hotel is offering a competition, to see if a stationary cyclist can produce more electricity than the building's solar panel system.

The hotel plans to set up two of the bicycles, but the number of rooms in the hotel is 366. If the demand is too great, presumably hotel staff will install more bicycles.

The hotel is part of a chain, and a jump in demand could result in other hotels in other cities installing such pedal-powered electricity generators.

Sadly, though, non-guests are ineligible.



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