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Homeless Dogs to Star in Annie

September 18, 2006

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Humane Society of New York

This dog really is searching for a home.

A homeless cocker spaniel named Whiskey won a role in a new stage production of Annie in New York. Whiskey was one of 12 dogs from animal shelters who "tried out" for the role of one of the dogs in the familiar stage show. The tryouts took place at Madison Square recently. The show, which will open in December, is the first production of the popular girl-down-on-her-luck story in 10 years.

Whiskey, who was from the Humane Society of New York, won points with the judges for his poise and friendliness with Marissa O'Donnell, the 12-year-old New York who will play the show's title role. Marissa gave Whiskey a big kiss to welcome him to the cast.

Whiskey and his son, Cocoa, have been living at the animal shelter since June, when their family surrendered them because they couldn't care for them properly anymore. Officials from the Humane Society of New York hope that the publicity will lead to the adoption of Whiskey, Cocoa, and other homeless dogs.

Another homeless dog, Lola, from the Connecticut Humane Society, will play Sandy, the lead dog in the show. (That's them in the picture.)

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