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Ancient Egypt Exhibit to Feature "New" Stuff

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The Egyptian Museum

This December, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo will unveil a whole new list of items for people to see, all of which have been stuck in a storage room for as long as anyone can remember.

This exhibit, which is titled "The Hidden Treasures of the Egyptian Museum," will include 40 artifacts from the tomb of King Tutankhamun, including 30 gold amulets.

King Tut was the boy king who reigned long ago and is thought to have been killed by jealous relatives. His tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter and others. Many artifacts discovered in that tomb have been gathering dust for years in the basement of the Egyptian Museum and in other storage areas throughout Cairo.

The exhibit is part of the 100-year anniversary celebration of the museum, which first opened in 1902. Museum officials hope to build a new museum nearer the Great Pyramids to help store these and other artifacts.

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