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New Statues Bolster Legacy of Amenhotep III
March 23, 2014

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The presence of Amenhotep III just got bigger.

Archaeologists in Luxor pulled the cover off two massive new statues of the famed pharaoh, to go along with the famed Memnon colossi that are so familiar to visitors to the famed temple on the west bank of the Nile River.

The restored statues have lain in pieces in fields, suffering erosion from both natural and human causes.

One of the restored statues depicts Amenhotep III in the same way that the two world-famous statues do, seated. The 38-foot-tall statue features a nearly complete figure as well of Amenhotep's wife, Queen Tiye, wearing a long dress and sporting a large wig. The pharaoh himself sports royal attire, complete with a large stone belt.

The stone throne on which Amenhotep sits features depictions of historial scenes, including the unification of Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.

Amenhotep was one of Egypt's most famous pharaohs, who ruled for nearly 60 years and presided over what many Egyptologists think was the cultural and diplomatic high-water mark of ancient Egyptian influence. Amenhotep III died about 1354 B.C. and was succeeded onto the Egyptian throne by his son, who took over as Amenhotep IV but is more widely known by the name he later adopted, Akhenaten.


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