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The New Afghan Government

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Afghanistan is still undergoing much change since the attacks led by U.S. forces began in October, 2001. The country now has a new government. People representing various groups in Afghanistan have agreed on a government to take the place of the Taliban, who had been running the country since 1996.

Hamid Karzai, a military commander who had battled the Taliban, is the leader of the government, which also has a Cabinet of 30 advisers, two of which are women.

Having women in the government is historic. Under the Taliban regime, women were told not to take part in education; they certainly had no part in government.

These days, with the government stable, the focus has been on building new relationships. As a gesture of goodwill, the Afghan government is willing to about a hundred Pakistanis taken prisoner during the war.

Other countries are slowly re-establishing ties with Afghanistan. South Korea plans to open an embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, next week.

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