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The Attack on Afghanistan: September, 2002

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The Allied attack on Afghanistan is almost a year old. From a military point of view, most observers say the attack has been quite successful.

One of the primary goals, ridding the country of the ruling Taliban, was achieved with great success. Allied forces now control the great majority of Afghanistan, with the focus now on rooting out bastions of al-Qaeda support.

Times are still tense, with many soldiers from the United States and other countries still deeply involved in the attack on terrorist forces. Battles are not nearly as large or as heavy as they were when the war started. The focus now is on southeastern Afghanistan, near the border with Pakistan. Sporadic attacks continue, from both sides.

Even in what was assumed to be the new "safe area," Allied troops are having to remain vigilant. A recent series of arrests included many Afghan policemen who had ties to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the al-Qaeda network, is yet to be found. He is thought to have been connected with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. And al-Qaeda terrorists have been found around the world.

But U.S. troops and leaders continue to insist that even if they don't turn up Bin Laden, their goal is still to dismantle his terrorist network, in Afghanistan primarily but also elsewhere.

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