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TV Remote Proves Thief's Undoing
November 20, 2006

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Some people think too much for their own good. Others don't think enough. A thief in France could be a little bit of both.

In the village of Mussadan, in southwestern France, a man robbed the house of a retiree, taking a handful of rifles and a TV. The homeowner came home and discovered the theft, then went right to the local police station to report the crime. While he was there, the thief made the fateful decision to return, for the TV remote.

Neighbors of the victim, alerted to the theft, were surprised to see the thief returning to the scene of the crime. They couldn't believe their eyes and couldn't wait to phone the police. For whatever reason, the thief was still in the house when police arrived. Maybe it took him longer to find the remote than he bargained for. In any case, he won't be watching TV anytime soon.



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