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March 15, 2016

Among the teams at the 2016 Olympic Games will be the Refugee Olympic Athletes, a group of men and women who have escaped conflicts in their homelands to train for their sporting dream.

Membership in the team will be determined by the International Olympic Committee in June 2016, just a few weeks before the Olympic Games begin. A total of 43 men and women ages 17 to 30 applied for membership in this team.

Among the countries these athletes call home are Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Rwanda, South Sudan, Syria, and Uganda. Among the sports these athletes participate in are judo, swimming, taekwondo, and track and field.

The athletes will compete under the Olympic Flag and wear uniforms supplied by the International Olympic Committee. A member of ROA who wins a gold medal will hear the Olympic theme played.

The Olympics will run August 5–21. In all, 306 events encompassing 41 disciplines and 28 sports will take place.

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