Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Trump Claim Victory

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March 22, 2016

It was more of the same for presidential primary and caucus voters, as the top two vote-getters in both major political parties won on Tuesday.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton won in Arizona, and Bernie Sanders won in Idaho and Utah. Sanders’s delegate haul on Tuesday was slightly more than Clinton’s, and that narrowed her lead over him to 1,223 to 920. The winner will be the first one to get to 2,383.

Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz split the two states offering Republican primaries. Trump won big in Arizona, and Cruz won big in Utah. Trump leads the delegate count, with 738. Cruz now has 463. The other remaining GOP candidate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, has 143 delegates. The Republican nominee in the general election will be the one who gets 1,237 delegates.

GOP endorsements from former candidates continue. Ben Carson, who was leading polls at one point many weeks ago but left the race not long ago, has endorsed Trump. Jeb Bush, whose father and brother were both President, dropped out of the race a few weeks ago and has now endorsed Cruz.

A complete list of dates for caucuses and primaries is here.

It all leads up to the major party national conventions. The Republican Party convention will be July 18–21 in Cleveland. The Democratic Party convention will be the week of July 25th in Philadelphia.

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