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March 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump widened their leads in their respective drives toward the Presidency. On what has been called Super Tuesday 3, both candidates won a majority of the five state primaries.

Clinton won big in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio and squeaked by in Missouri. With 1,094 delegates, she is now nearly halfway to her goal of 2,383. Her challenger, Bernie Sanders, won Missouri and has 774 delegates to his name.

Trump won in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. Ohio Gov. John Kasich won his home state but not by much. Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruzz fought to a dead heat in Missouri. Trump’s delegate count is now 621. (He needs 1,237 to win.) Cruz has the support of 395 delegates. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who finished a distant second in his home state, has 168 delegates. Kasich’s victory in Ohio, his first in a primary this year, boosts his delegate total to 138.

Late Tuesday, Rubio pulled out of the race, having won only in Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

The campaign rolls on, with primaries next Tuesday and Saturday in smaller-population states. The next large-population state to vote is New York, on April 19.

A complete list of dates for caucuses and primaries is here.

It all leads up to the major party national conventions. The Republican Party convention will be July 18–21 in Cleveland. The Democratic Party convention will be the week of July 25th in Philadelphia.

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