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National Spelling Bee to Add Vocabulary Component
April 8, 2013

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The 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee will require competitors to prove their vocabulary knowledge as well as their spelling prowess.

Paige Kimble, executive director of the Spelling Bee, made the announcement, which stipulated that competitors will take a computer test on word vocabulary and that the results of that computer test will be factored into a competitor's chances of making the final round.

Spelling Bee officials released a sample vocabulary question: “Something described as refulgent is: a) tending to move toward one point, b) demanding immediate action, c) rising from an inferior state, d) giving out a bright light.”

(The correct answer is the last choice.)

All rounds will continue to feature the familiar spelling challenges endured by hundreds of contestants during the 87-year history of the Spelling Bee. The vocabulary test will be a component of the semifinals round, with competitors taking the test in a private room, but will not be a part of the final round.

This year's Spelling Bee will take place May 28-30 near Washington, D.C., and will be broadcast on national television.


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