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Olympics Security Detail, Ticket Problems Multiply
January 16, 2012

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The security exercises are increasing, as are the ticketing headaches.

London's Metropolitan Police, in partnership with the Royal Marines, will soon begin security exercises on the River Thames. More than 100 security personnel will be involved.

Authorities were quick to assert that they had received no specific threats but, rather, were looking to be on guard for a wide variety of threats during the 64-day Games, which open on July 13 and close on September 12 (after the end of Paralympics).

Olympians will take part in contests at 34 venues across the country.

Meanwhile, the online system for ticket resale will re-open this week, after a set of first-day difficulties resulted in few matches between buyers and sellers. Demand for tickets has been so high that Ticketmaster has had to shut down its Olympics site, forcing some buyers onto the resale site, which also disappeared for a time.

This latest result followed similar frustrations in 2011, when buyers mistakenly thought they had tickets because the system had a flaw that mismatched buys with buyers.


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