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London Launches Yearlong Security Program for Olympics
July 5, 2011

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Mindful of terrorist threats, police in Britain have launched a comprehensive program of security testing, to last through the 2012 London Olympics.

At its height, the operation, the largest of its kind in peacetime, would put up to 12,000 officers on duty every day. Police will be enacting and reviewing lockdown procedures and counterterrorism techniques, emphasizing prevention but also being mindful of the need to provide speedy mobile response. Security personnel are only too mindful also of the bomb attack on the London transit network the day after the the Olympic announcement in 2005.

Other than providing those details security officials had few comments, other than to reiterate that every threat would be taken seriously and that attendees at the Olympics would see security no more severe than at airports now. The budget for security at the London Games has been targeted at 600 million pounds ($965 million).

The Opening Ceremonies, on July 27, and the Closing Ceremonies, on August 12, will bookend a total of 302 medal events in 26 sports. The full schedule is here.


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