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Olympic Flame Schedule Revealed
February 3, 2012

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Organizers of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games have announced initial details for the journey of the Olympic Flame.

The traditional torch-lighting ceremony at the Temple of Hera in Olympia will begin the proceedings, on May 10. During the next eight days, runners and walkers will carry the Flame around Greece. Then, it's off to the United Kingdom, on a plane. 

The Flame will have its own seat on the plane, protected in a specially made miner's lantern so it doesn't have to be extinguished during the flight. (Olympics organizers got special permission to carry a live flame on a plane.) A security guard will be assigned to guard the Flame.

The plan will arrive at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose in Cornwall, where the Flame will resume its journey on land.

The 8,000 runners and walkers in the U.K. will include some star athletes and celebrities, but the majority will be people nominated by local organizations: cancer survivors, disabled children, veterans, etc. Security will be present along the route, to protect against the kind of protests that disrupted the Flame's journey across China in 2008.

The Flame will travel past landmarks and historic places, through cities large and small, to all corners of the country (and to Ireland, as a gesture of goodwill in a nod to the sometimes troubled past between the two countries). The Flame will end up in London for the Opening Ceremonies on July 27.



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