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Olympic Athletes Descend on London
July 16, 2012

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Athletes and their families began arriving by the hundreds at the Olympic Village, as London's Heathrow Airport absorbed its busiest day ever.

Heathrow officials estimated that nearly 237,000 passengers went through the airport on Monday, compared with last year's highest-ever total of 233,562 and an average daily total of 190,000. Airport officials were prepared for all manner of unusual luggage, including things like pole vaults and equestrian equipment.

More than 300 athletes from more than 50 countries were expected on the first day of arrivals. At its height, the Olympic Village will house thousands of athletes.

The recently opened Games Lanes were expected to be very busy carrying athletes, their families and team officials from the airport into the Greater London area.

Security presence around the Olympic Village grew, with the announcement of the deployment of extra officers to join the thousands of troops that have been put on notice to fill in for possible gaps in security identified by private security firm G4S.

The Games run from July 27 to August 12.

The Opening Ceremonies, on July 27, and the Closing Ceremonies, on August 12, will bookend a total of 302 medal events in 26 sports. The full schedule is here.



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