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Flat Stanley in Carmel, California
Part 2: More Fun With Flat Stanley

When is Flat Stanley not Flat Stanley? When she is Flat Britny.

It's not a requirement that the flat friend that students send to family or friends be named Stanley. Kaitlyn Beals agreed with this idea and named her flat friend Britny. Flat Britny went to visit Kaitlyn's Aunt Joy and Joy's friend Rusty in San Francisco, California.

Joy Hopkins, Kaitlyn's aunt, was at law school in San Francisco. She was studying hard and spent lots of time in the Law Library. Britny went there, too, as you can see in the picture at the right. We can't really tell what Britny is looking for, but she is probably working hard, just like Joy!
Joy worked hard, but she still found time to take Britny places, including shopping. One of the things that many people love to do in San Francisco is go shopping. Joy took Britny shopping in San Francisco. In the photo at left, Britny has found what she was looking for.
Britny went with Joy and Rusty on more adventures in San Francisco, including seeing the various famous sights of the famous city, like the Golden Gate Bridge. And everywhere they went, they had a good time. They even had a good time with a policeman, on a horse. Check out his big smile in the photo on the right.

Sasha Veliko-Shapko sent Stanley to family friend Janet Leskiw in Canada. Stanley came back to Sasha but not before he had experienced some wonderful adventures.

He got to ride in a balloon. Stanley went to an office, where the people who worked there treated him very nicely. In fact, one person who worked there thought that Stanley would like to see more of the office. So they put him in a little basket tied to a balloon and off he went. He got tangled in some office plants at one point, but he reported to Sasha that he really had fun and that he felt like he was flying.

Stanley really did get to fly when he accompanied a newfound friend on a trip to Las Vegas. Stanley proved so popular with the crew of the airplane that he got to ride in the cockpit for a bit. The pilot and co-pilot really liked him, too. Look at the picture at right. Everyone is smiling, especially the guys with the uniforms on.

Once in Las Vegas, Stanley got treated to all of the fun that Las Vegas could offer. He even found himself a playmate, who had a great little car that they could both fit into.

Yes, it was quite a trip for Stanley, from California to Canada to Las Vegas and back again. He finally returned to Sasha in California and had many adventures to tell.

That's the story with all of the Flat Stanleys (or Britnys). They all come back with stories to tell, of people who live in different places and do different things. It's one of the ways that Sylvia Ishii's students learn about other places in the world.

Another thing the class does is fill out a map, of the United States and/or the world, marking on it places that all of the "flat" friends have visited. This is an amazing picture of just how many places the students have "visited" through the adventures of their flat friends.

By doing this project, students in Sylvia Ishii's class and in classes around the United States and the world learn more about students and other people who live elsewhere in the world. The world is a much bigger place when this project is completed.

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