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Australia: A Short History

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Part 1: Recent Events

Australia is the only one of the world's seven continents that is made up entirely of one country. Its area is 2,967,893 square miles.

2,967,893 square miles

10 to 40 degrees south and 115 to 154 degrees east

Indian Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea, Timor Sea, Coral Sea, Arafura Sea


  • Western Plateau covering two-thirds of continent's total land area
  • Deserts covering one-third of total land area
  • Great Barrier Reef is made up of more than 2,500 individual coral reefs
  • Highest mountains are Australian Alps
  • Highest point:Mount Kosciuszko 7,312 feet above sea level
  • Lowest point:Lake Eyre, 49 feet above sea level





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