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Articles on U.S. History

These fun articles are written by the Expert.

The Articles of Confederation
This fun, illustrated article gives you just the basic facts about this first American government document. Includes chart of Powers Granted and Powers Denied to the national government.

The Making of the Constitution
This very helpful article examines the causes, difficulties, and results of the Constitutional Convention, the Bill of Rights, and more. Excellent resource!

George Washington: American Hero
He was larger than life, a true hero to many Americans, even his fellow Founding Fathers. He was a war hero and a great president and much more! Read all about the most famous of the early Americans.

John Adams: Forgotten Hero
John Adams was America's first vice-president and second president. He was also a hero of the American Revolutionary and an expert at keeping the peace as president. Learn more about this often forgotten man.

Thomas Jefferson: Voice of Independence
Jefferson was many things. He was a hero to many and a villain to some. He was also the author of the Declaration of Independence and many other important documents and decisions in the history of the U.S. Find out more about the nation's third president.

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