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Articles by the Expert

The Expert has written many fun, illustrated articles on many different topics. Find them all here. Click here to order an article.

Articles on Economics
Basic Economics, like Want vs. Need and Supply and Demand, are included, along with fun features like Summer at the Lemonade Stand.

Articles on U.S. History
Trace the development of the country, from its original 13 Colonies through the development of the nation as a whole.

Articles on World History
Go WAY back to ancient times, with articles on Greece, Egypt, the Middle East, Rome, and Asia, then follow explorers like Columbus and Magellan as they sail the ocean blue. Finally, get an update on world history today.

Articles on Geography
Geography is latitude and longitude, maps and globes. It's also Basic Definitions like What's a Place? and What's a Location? Find more fun articles on geography.

Articles on Holidays
Find out more about some major and minor holidays, in the United States and around the world.

Articles on Archaeology
Find out more about archaeology. It's a big word, but it can be easily explained.