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Articles on Holidays

Every country or religion has special holidays. Find out about some of them here.

American Independence Day
This three-part article, well illustrated as always, focuses on the need for independence as well as the struggle to keep that independence. The last installment looks at the legacy of independence elsewhere in the world.

Bastille Day: French Independence Day
Why was the Bastille stormed? What was the Bastille? Who ate cake? Why was that mob so angry? Find out the answers to these questions and more with this fun, illustrated article.

Canada Day: The Story Behind the Holiday
Read all about the history of the holiday and the country itself. Using words and pictures, this article takes you through the formation of Canada step by step.

Cinco de Mayo!
Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that celebrates a great victory by the Mexican army over French forces in 1862. It's also a good day to get together and party!

Memorial Day
Memorial Day honors the men and women who died fighting for the United States. It is also a time to remember the survivors of those wars.

Vesak--Buddhism's Holiest Day
This feature tells you a little about Vesak and about people celebrate it. The feature also includes links to other informative and fun sites focusing on Vesak.